Welcome to Christoph Kei Photography.

This site is all about my love of photography and landscapes. I am a Semi-professional photographer and specialized in landscapes. I hope that my somewhat bold and colorful landscape photographs speak for themselves, because these are a symbol of my passion, zeal, avidity. I love to travel alone, across great distances, to secluded places to create pieces of art without fear, limitations, and boundaries.

His bold and colourful landscape photographs speak for themselves and are a symbol of Christoph’s skills and passion.

Who are we

We are a digital gallery where you can find all natural beauty. We display landscapes and cityscapes captured by Christoph Kei, who believes that the earth’s beauty has the power to help nourish and unify us, both personal and global level. Through photography, we strive to imprison those positive experiences into photography.  Our goal is to contribute to the world by showing its beauty, power, and magic to everyone living in it. We wish our photographs help nurture a sense of affection and hope for the natural world. We believe that natural photographs are a gateway to a larger perspective about ourselves and the universe we inhabit in.

What we do

We specialize in unique, expressive landscapes and cityscapes. Our fine art prints combine dramatic photography, vivid colors, and artistic touches to create new, captivating visions of the natural world. We focus on natural beauty and pay attention to capture the subtle details of the natural world and transfer them to prints with stunning clarity and color. We starve to create images that link us to feelings and perceptions we may not access regularly in our daily lives.

Mission statement

Our mission is to present engaging, contemporary photography. We want to share our excitement views and feeling about the photographs we discover in the natural beauty of the world. While we aim to display all natural beauty we prefer to carefully select images we think to merit the time and attention of our visitors. Despite the fact that natural beauty is priceless you can still buy our photographs. We highlight the most exciting and compelling parts of the world in our photography so our visitors can enrich the way we see and experience life.